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Celia Kutcher

Celia Kutcher (She/Her) believes the best way to educate people is through fun and entertaining methods. She has used play to accomplish this and has taught art and movement for over 20 years She is a designer, artist, producer, coordinator, teacher and hula hooper.   Celia has been a co-producer on most of Stonewall CDC's online dance parties.


Celia has been a proud and diligent ally of the LGBTQ+ community since she was a teen.  In the 80's she competed in the equestrian world and watched HIV wreak havoc. After losing many friends to the disease she began volunteering for various LGBTQ+ organizations.


In the wild early 90's, Celia and her crew built the Children's Play Room at Gay Men's Health Crisis' headquarters, a space for children to play while their HIV+ guardians were being taken care of. She was trusted with turning drawings of trees by Maurice Sendak into 3 dimensional sets. She has also created and built a stage set for the celebration dance party for the NYC AIDS Walk, held at the Palladium in 1994.

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