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Jerry Weinstein

Jerry Weinstein is a passionate driver of social entrepreneurship and cultural change.  As a ghostwriter and speechwriter, he works closely with key influencers, C-suite executives, and policymakers. He frequently interacts with disparate communities and builds consensus, identifying memorable threads in the course of arriving at solutions.


Jerry is often retained on the eve of paradigm shifts, for game-changing moments. He specializes in "Future Of" speeches. He interrogates the state of a field and then offers a vision for what might be next in education, social justice, media, energy, technology, or healthcare.


As a strategist, he works with civic tech startups and their founders to create narratives; to launch groundbreaking products; and to incubate new ideas for campaigns.


Select Client List: The New York Times. The M.I.T. Press. Sunny Bates Associates. IBM. National Constitution Center. Conde Nast. The Museum of Sex. Barnes & Noble. eBay. GLAAD. ESPN. Bloomberg BusinessWeek. SAP. IndiePix Films. National Urban League.

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