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Headshot Jessica_Greer_Morris_BW.jpg

Jessica Greer-Morris

Jessica Greer Morris recently stepped down as the Interim Executive Director/CEO of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center and has been supporting 501c3s before, during and after she co-founded and built the global nonprofit Girl Be Heard in 2009 where she devising award-winning shows about sex trafficking, forced child marriage and other human rights issues.  At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, she helped launch the Man Up Campaign with 100 young activists from 25 countries working to stop violence against women in their communities. Her experience as an advocate in the nonprofit and government sectors over the last thirty years informs her current work as a consultant to nonprofit executive leadership teams in need of developing, integrating, and operationalizing best practices.  Jessica was an early harbinger of criminal justice reform and in 1991 and helped defendants receive drug treatment as an alternative to jail. As a senior executive at the NYC Health Department, she was a World Trade Center first responder and expanded harm reduction work to address health disparities across the five boroughs. Throughout her career, Jessica has worked with community organizers and activists of all ages to ending systemic fatalities and inequities disproportionately impacting people of color, locally and abroad.

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