Stonewall CDC's Emerging Leader Council

Stonewall Community Development Corporation (SCDC)’s mission is to see New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning+ (LGBTQ+) seniors in safe and welcoming housing they can afford, with access to health and mental health services that meet their unique needs. Despite housing law protection, too many LGBTQ+ seniors face discrimination within senior housing and service industries, compounding other issues of aging: declining health, mobility, and other physical ability; and loss of community attachment as well as the loss of lifetime spouses, partners and friends, often resulting in isolation and loneliness as well as anxiety in the face of an uncertain future. 


SCDC is excited to announce the Emerging Leaders Council (ELC), a network for young professionals to support the work of SCDC and connect with other community advocates and leaders of tomorrow.

What can ELC members expect?

  • The knowledge that you are helping to build a new movement to support LGBTQ+ seniors;

  • Networking opportunities with other young LGBTQ+ professionals;

  • Behind the scenes exposure to housing development in New York City and the expertise of SCDC board members in real estate development, government relations, finance, and tech;

  • Tax deductibility for financial contributions;

  • Access to the SCDC’s network of donors and supporters; and

  • Mentorship with SCDC board members.


What is expected of ELC members?

Every member is expected to commit to a direct personal contribution of $20 or more per month and participate through at least one of the three pillars of support:


  • Fundraising: ELC will produce one fundraiser each year and support one SCDC fundraiser through sales of tickets and sponsorships.

  • Outreach/Ambassadorship: Learn the mission and work of SCDC well enough to represent the organization to corporate LGBTQ+ employee groups, social groups, and professional associations.

  • Administrative Support: provide pro-bono support to SCDC in your area of expertise: design, graphics, tech, accounting, research, proposal writing, budget & planning, communications, events, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact SCDC’s Program Manager Sayief Leshaw at

Emerging Leaders Council Application

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