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Our Work

We believe the LGBTQ+ community and its allies are the answer. We provide direct housing assistance through contracts with the City. We place families without housing and permanent homes through city contracts. We find permanent housing for families with housing vouchers.

For the past nine years, Stonewall CDC has been bringing together some of the best minds to understand the challenges of the aging LGBTQ+ society and to create innovative solutions.

We create housing opportunities

While we build our young organization to be a viable brick and mortar real estate development partner, we are also examining low capital expense and rapid placement housing strategies like home-sharing and supported co-living.

We realize innovation

Our Brain Trust Innovation Hub online platform is a laboratory where we convene cross-sector working groups with end-users to explore, document and develop potential housing and service innovations that respond with agility to the accelerating housing crisis and the policy workarounds or changes that will be needed to implement those strategies on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community.

We provide direct housing assistance

Through our Housing Assistance Program, we help elders to navigate the City’s affordable housing lotteries and ensure access to the benefits to which they are entitled. Through City contracts we find permanent housing for families with housing vouchers

We host a virtual community

Our online platform Stonewall Village NYC® allows meaningful participation for older adults from their own homes, providing access to services such as: aging in place support, access to housing and healthcare resources, educational opportunities, interactive classes and programming and technical training.

This chart shows how Stonewall CDC's programs operate

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