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Housing Assistance at Your Service!


Housing Assistance Program (HAP) offers free assistance to New Yorkers seeking Affordable Housing. Our services include supporting with Housing Connect, benefit navigation and housing search assistance to households with rental subsidies. 


Through Housing Connect 2.0 we can help with setting up your new profile, making applications for affordable housing, and following up throughout the process. We provide any technical assistance you need to be able to go back to the system any time you like, to search for new opportunities, or follow up on affordable housing applications you have already made.

We can do a review for other public benefits you may interested in and can connect you with other community-based organizations offering a wide range of different programs and supports.


Through our network of brokers and landlords and extensive knowledge of the government process, we can assist in finding an apartment utilizing a rental subsidy. Whether you're just starting your housing search or have questions during the paperwork process, we are here to help!


We serve all New Yorkers, but we have special expertise in helping older adults master the technology and the process.  There is no charge for our services.

Interested in LGBTQ+ Older Adult Co-Living? Click the button below to learn more!

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