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Research and Market Development

Our goal is to address housing and health issues for LGBTQ+ older adults with evidence-based solutions.  Stonewall CDC is continuously collecting data and information on the people we aspire to serve, on the effectiveness of the industries that currently serve them, and on innovations in service taking place around the world. 

The Survey

Because the government does not, for the most part, afford a way to self-identify as LGBTQ+ at the point of service, we need to assemble this data ourselves. We spent our first two years conducting background research and interviewing policymakers to understand what we needed to find out. We then created the first-ever citywide survey on the housing needs of LGBTQ+ older adults.

We built a huge community partner network to help us deploy the survey and we almost doubled our target for the number of respondents from 500 to 966. You can download that survey results report and Takeaways, our assessment for what we learned from it below.




Stonewall Village NYC® (SVNYC®)

One result of the survey we conducted was that we realized we needed to widen our scope to include more aging-in-place support. And so we built an online virtual village platform. SVNYC® provides support, service referrals, products, and community activities.   But it also provides data on our target market. We can track the community's preferences and needs by the (anonymous) click traffic of where they go on the site and what they access. We also conduct surveys from time to time. All of this helps us to keep building an evidence-based market profile of our community's needs.    

Brain Trust Innovation Hub

This is our online platform of laboratories where we convene cross-sector working groups (commercial/nonprofit/government) to explore different innovative housing strategies to meet the looming super crisis NYC is facing. You can join the Hub and watch or participate in these experimental discussions. All of the data and knowledge we are collecting from this work is housed in the Hub. 

We hope you’ll register at the Innovation Hub, explore the laboratories there, and join us on our journey of discovery as we start implementing these affordable housing strategies.

It is a closed platform with no advertising or spam. Send an email to to request an invitation to join the hub. Make sure to include your name and phone number.

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