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More About The Stonewall Bridge

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The first generations to have spent their whole lives as out, integrated LGBTQ adults are now entering the last chapter of their great gay story, with no happy ending in sight. The number of LGBTQ seniors will more than double in the next decades-- from 2.5 million to 5.6 million.  That demand will overwhelm, by orders of magnitude, the resources for care and housing. A generation of queer pioneers finds itself stranded before the gates of Oz.  


The Stonewall Bridge offers the nation’s thought-leading solution to this challenge. It was brought to us by David Nimmons, who is building a radically innovative – and quintessentially queer— intergenerational care solution to support LGBTQ seniors, strengthen the communities where they live, and pass resource to the queer generations to follow. And please help us understand your needs by taking our Stonewall Bridge Survey.

The Stonewall Bridge integrates resource and need, labor and service, economic equity, technology, and ethics, drawn from robust demographic, economic, cultural and technological data. Its key elements include:


  • Strengthening LGBTQ chosen families and networks to support aging in place;

  • Unlocking appreciated senior assets to provide, extend, and sustain care;

  • Using unique LGBTQ cultural and demographic resources to support meaningful at-home intergenerational care;

  • Train co-living “sharegivers” to provide in-home support and inherit equity;

  • Creating local care houses to extend care to nearby seniors lacking resource;

  • Using monitor technologies to leverage support resources and create efficiencies;

  • Creating robustly viable, value-based career options for queer millennials; 

  • Removing for-profit senior care industries from the picture, halting the export of assets away from individuals and communities;

  • Using planned giving, community property, and land trust mechanisms to keep intergenerational care structures permanent in local communities;

  • Creating a pathbreaking mechanism for LGBTQ legacy and cultural continuity


The Stonewall Bridge is contemporary solution to accomplish what multigenerational families have always done: ensure a safe, fulfilling, supportive old age for elders and support our next generations. It offers an unprecedented vision for queer family, designed for 21st-century needs and realities, to ensure the old age we have hoped for and strengthen those who carry our LGBTQ cultural legacy to generations ahead.

Why We Would Like You to Take the Survey

The data  we are collecting helps inform how we shape our program and concentrate our energies, and strengthens our efforts with funders and donors.  Your input will help us build The Stonewall Bridge, a synergy of affordable senior housing and healthcare and intergenerational community development and equity building.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Thank you for your time!

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