THE MISSION - We won’t rest until New York City’s LGBTQ older adults can live in safe, welcoming housing they can afford, with access to health and mental health services capable of meeting their unique needs.


THE ISSUE - New York City’s senior housing crisis is only just beginning, with the 65+ population projected to grow by 40% between 2010 and 2040. LGBTQ older adults face additional extraordinary challenges: lack of family support networks; more pronounced health and mental health challenges; more widespread poverty; and fear of discrimination and abuse within the elder care system


THE GOAL - Our goal is to grow our young community development corporation enough within the next three years to be a viable partner on creating and preserving affordable LGBTQ-welcoming senior housing and contracting the appropriate services for those residents.


THE STRATEGY - Our value ad as a bricks and mortar partner is our non-profit status (which commercial developers need in order to access grants, tax credits, etc); our community development corporation toolkit, our ongoing market profile research and the ground game we are building through community education and organizing.  All of this work will be invaluable for creating community support for land use processes, raising legacy funds and the creation of a trained-up pre-marketing audience.



1.  Increase the number of affordable senior housing units in the City by partnering with developers  in new construction and preservation projects, ensuring management and operating standards that produce a welcoming environment for LGBTQ older adults.


2.  Develop design-based solutions for other strategies aside from construction including: home sharing, co-living/intentional communities, aging in place support and tenant defense. Design these strategies to be responsive to the needs and realities of LGBTQ older adults.


3.  Provide the community with information and resources that engage and activate them on behalf of these goals.  By cultivating, educating and engaging the LGBTQ community, we help our older adults participate in developing these strategies, which ensures, by design, that the solutions will serve their needs.


4. Work to identify isolated and underserved LGBTQ older adults and connect them to service providers who understand their unique challenges and treat them with respect.




1.   Create an evidence-based market profile to fill the data void on this population –

                Report on 1st ever citywide Survey of LGBTQ Housing Needs – released

      September 2017


2.   Create a community partner network of resources to help people learn how to find and        achieve their best personal housing outcomes, including health and mental health                service provision. 

               Over 50 organizations and agencies and growing


3.  Create a technology platform to engage the population directly, connecting them to             these resources, educating and organizing the community to understand these issues,       and preparing LGBTQ seniors to assume leadership roles in the movement for                     welcoming housing and services. 

               Stonewall Village NYC BETA Test and site redesign completed.  Opened to the                     public - December 2019


  1. Convene affordable housing and service provider sectors with policy makers to explore alternative design and financing models.  Mixed use, mixed income/mid-market; creative condo-leasing strategies, cross-subsidies, apartment sharing, co-living and micro-design are all on the table.

               First Bricks & Mortar Brain Trust Charrette April 2019


  1. Build the community development corporation toolkit.            
            Stonewall CDC is now certified by NYC Housing Preservation and Development            (HPD) as a Housing Ambassador and Marketing Agent.  The next training we will          undergo is in syndicating tax credits.