Creating Safe and Affordable Housing 

for New York City’s LGBTQ Seniors

through a methodical and evidence-based strategy

The Next Step

Here Is Stonewall Village NYC!


A virtual community with off-line meet-ups and events designed to connect LGBTQ seniors to: housing opportunities, aging in place supports, 

LGBTQ-friendly services, events, skills-building, each other and the

growing movement for LGBTQ-Welcoming senior housing. 



We are exploring all models of development including: mixed use, mixed income and cross-subsidies, apartment sharing, co-living and microdesign, tenant defense and aging in place support, in order to be able to create affordable living situations for a wide spectrum of income levels in the neighborhoods where people are already living – allowing them to age in place with dignity.

LGBTQ elders face a number of challenges beyond those of the general elder population.


They are more likely to:

• lack support networks

• lack family

• live in poverty

• experience discrimination in housing and health care delivery

So what can I do about it? 

SIgn up and learn.

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