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Creating Safe and Affordable Housing and Healthcare for New York City’s LGBTQ+ Seniors and families through a methodical and evidence-based strategy

There is a housing crisis in NYC and it's not going away

The generation that fought the Stonewall Rebellion for our rights is aging and vulnerable. Many do not have children to care for them. They face a senior services industry that is often openly hostile. Too many live in poverty, and many are isolated and alone.


We believe every LGBTQ+ senior deserves a safe, welcoming home they can afford and access to respectful health and mental health care that meets their unique needs.

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We provide long-term solutions for the community and immediate assistance for people in crisis.

Our LGBTQ+ Community is the solution.
We have the shared lived experience of the lifelong fight for respect. We have a history of building community networks of care and support. We have creativity, resilience and resources.

Stonewall CDC will provide the younger generation with paths to equity by training them in careers serving their elders.

We will provide our seniors with loving care and the opportunity to participate in building a community legacy of perpetually affordable homes.

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How can we help?

Everything is starting to fall into place because now I have a case manager that cares about my case. I want to deeply thank you for helping me in my most vulnerable time. Your help finding me a sponsor has been extremely helpful to keep me sober. Since I became a client on GMHC I have a lot of assistance for everything I need/I also want to thank Sayief he connected me to someone who helped me change case management on Hasa now I have a very good one. I am sorry my english is not perfect, but I want to express my gratitude to you, Stonewall, Thank you so much and know that you made a difference in my life.

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Families  placed in permanent housing since February 2022


Recipients of free housing application and benefits assistance


Attendances at online LGBTQ+ programs and activities


Registered members of Stonewall Village NYC

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