In addition to developing real estate, our mission includes supporting aging in place as well as educating and empowering the community to define its needs and to organize and advocate for appropriate solutions.

Stonewall Village NYC®


A virtual community with interactive technologies and off-line meet-ups and events designed to connect LGBTQ+ seniors to housing opportunities, aging in place supports, LGBTQ+-friendly services, events, skills-building, each other, and the growing movement for LGBTQ+-welcoming senior housing. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are operating a network of virtual home pages for senior center partners who have had to shut down their facilities. We are providing full access to the platform, hosting their interactive meetings and events, and providing technical support and onboarding training for their administrators, facilitators and constituencies, at no charge. 

HPD Housing Ambassador Program​


NYC Housing Connect 2.0 is launching. This is the system people use to apply for affordable housing in New York City. All New Yorkers will have to re-register on the new system in order to apply for NYC’s affordable housing lotteries. 


We offer free assistance to New Yorkers seeking to migrate to the new system. We can help with setting up your new profile, making applications for affordable housing, and following up throughout the process. And we can do it all with you online.

Brain Trust Innovation Hub

We seek to find new innovations in housing and health service delivery. We have created the Brain Trust, which convenes cross-sector discussions between government agencies and commercial, nonprofit, and community-based developers and service providers. The Bricks and Mortar Brain Trust explore innovative building strategies. The Health and Mental Health Brain Trust explores service and delivery issues and solutions.

Housing Survey Report Cover.jpg

Research and Market Profile Development

Stonewall CDC is committed to the evidence-based community and housing development.  We conduct ongoing research on several fronts.  In order to shape our initial strategy, we conducted the first ever citywide survey on NYC LGBTQ+ Older Adult Housing Needs.​ We continuously collect data on the preferences and needs of our community to build a market profile of those we seek to serve.